Special Limited Time Offer From MauiKink.com – Support Sexual Freedom

Support Sexual Freedom – 2011 New York City Sex Bloggers Calendar is on Sale!

Head over to the New York Sex Bloggers Calendar website to buy and personalize your days on the 2011 Sex Blogger Calendar, with a message up to 80 characters, as well as pre-order your calendars. Purchasing days and calendars helps Woodhull Freedom Foundation in their mission to affirm sexual freedom as a fundamental human right.

If you purchase dates or buy a calendar, forward your confirmation email to Info@MauiKink.com to receive a discount code that saves you 15% off your total order at MauiKink.com and choice of FREE US shipping or FREE gift of one ToyBag Guide in stock.

This offer is only good for one week from Wednesday July 14th through Wednesday July 21st, 2010. Discount code is good for one month from date of receipt. Some exclusions do apply.

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