’s Workshop Closed from Sept. 14th-29th

On September 14th, the crew heads to California. Where will we be on our vacation? We will be in Sacramento, CA and attending both Folsom Fringe and Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco, CA this September as well as a few days in the Saint Louis, MO area. Don’t forget, you can also meet up with Gray at Paradise Unbound in August, Folsom Fringe, Folsom Street Fair & the NYC Sex Blogger’s Calendar Release Weekend in October where he will have gear in tow!

Please note – we will be off island from September 14th – 29th. During those two weeks we will answer emails, process order forms, take phone calls, etc but we will not be in the workshop creating and crafting or fulfilling orders. It’s very important that if you are planning on placing an order with us in the near future, to do so before September 9th so we can make sure your order is shipped prior to our vacation. Custom orders take time to fulfill so be sure to order early!

Orders for DIY Supplies and Rope Spools need to be placed NO LATER than Sept 1st.

Custom orders should be placed NO LATER than Sept. 3rd to guarantee (depending on the items) that we can create and ship prior to the 14th.

We will be accessible via email and phone during the month of September but won’t be in the workshop till the 29th and orders placed after the 14th will not begin being processed until the 29th.

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