Leave 2010 in the past…

Another year is ending and a new one beginning. 2010 is a year that a lot of folks wish they could forget – heartache, heartbreak, failure, stress, and more discouragement abounded this year from every direction. The negativity that seemed to seep into all the little cracks of the world was enough to last most of us a lifetime.

For us, 2010 was a year of change and decisions – changes and decisions that can make or break a business or a relationship. We like to think we are stronger for not regretting the bad choices or decisions we have made this year and focus on the good we have done and created. Most of the goals we set for ourselves we reached and some were surpassed. We met and made new friends, had some time to travel, pushed some boundaries, took our business to new levels and enjoyed life as much as we could. 2010 was a year for fighting – did you come out on top?

We look towards 2011 as a year of growth, passion, fulfillment and success. Onwards and upwards.

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