On Christmas Day we received an email from Abel and Haron of letting us know they chose us as “Best Implement Provider” in the 5th annual “Spanking Writers” awards. Thank you!! It is always great to hear from happy customers and the award was such a nice surprise!

If you enjoy spanking erotica, be sure to check out Abel’s stories as well as the books Abel and Haron have published including “The Punishment List: A Collection of Spanking Stories by Abel“. We enjoyed listening to Haron read her story, A Straw Hat With Ribbons on Spanking Cast and urge you to add them to your podcast list!

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One Response to Mahalo!

  1. Abel says:

    Thank you for the kind comments. Your award was entirely deserved – we loved the products you shipped to us, as did the friends with whom we shared them over Christmas.

    With best wishes for 2011 from the UK to Hawaii!

    Abel & Haron

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