March Madness at


Aloha to all of our friends and customers! Our March Newsletter is packed with information as we gear up for a busy month.

One of the most important pieces of information we want to share is about price changes at Due to increases in shipping and higher fuel costs, we will have to make some increases in our prices on select items. We strive to price our items as competitively as possible while still offering discounts where we can for the same high quality of products and service we pride ourselves on. As our stock prices decrease, we pass the savings on to our customers by generally marking down some of our items.

As of March 23rd, our Bondage Rope prices (specifically Hemp Rope) will be increasing. We encourage anyone who has been wanting to place an order for rope, to do so this week so you can lock in the low prices currently listed.

We are currently out of stock on 6MM Hemp Rope but no fear – a new stock is to arrive this week.

Towards the end of March, you will find some of our other products prices increase as well so don’t wait – order now! By April 1st, all price increases or decreases will be set and we hope that many of the price increases will be temporary.


Ropework & Photography by RiggerJay – Rope by (Custom “Jewel Tones” Jute Rope

New at



In order to make way for some new stock, we are discounting a selection of in stock hides of leather ranging from colorful Suedes, to Bison and Moose in a variety of colors and thicknesses. Some of the sale hides are from custom orders so amount of leather in each hide will vary. From now until April 2nd, all leather listed on our Leather Sale page, will be marked down from 15% -50% off.

The leather on sale will be first come, first serve. Be sure to email us if you have questions or have something in mind and want to know if we have enough of a specific leather.

Just a few examples of items that could be created:

  • Dragon Tails and Dragon Tongues
  • Floggers
  • Cuffs and Collars
  • Leather Side of a Lucky Paddle
  • Leather Cane Handles
  • A Product of Your Imagination!

Send us your ideas or designs to discuss custom creations.


On March 26th-27th, Graydancer will be presenting his class “Full Contact Dom” at Bound in Boston IX and will have a table set up with some products.

For our Canadian kinksters – The Traveling Tickle Trunk in Edmonton, AB is carrying a selection of Natural and Crimson Hemp Rope, Natural Jute and Mohair Rope. Stop in and browse their selection of top quality adult toys or sign up for one of their fun and informative workshops such as Polyamory 101 or Intro to Tantric Sex.

The sexy duo, Jay & Georgia, frequent events in the St Louis and Springfield, MO areas and have a small selection of ropes and gear for testing and purchase.

We will be consistently updating our website with event details and where you can find our products. For local friends and customers, we will be showcasing select items at parties and events on Maui and Oahu over the next several months, so contact us if there is something specific you would like to see at the next event.


A few final notes…

A big thank you to all our customers and supporters – 2011 is off to a great start. Please pass our newsletters along to friends and always feel free to contact us with questions. Email is always the best way to reach us!

We enjoy creating custom designs and items – why buy something that everyone else has when you can custom create your own?

We are happy to give back to the greater kink community by offering discount codes for your local rope group or munch or donations/sponsorships to select individuals, organizations and events. For discounts, contact us with your information and we will discuss options with you.

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