Enjoy special discounts for one of our favorite holidays, St Patrick’s Day!

Get Lucky with $15.00 off our Lucky Paddles with your choice of exotic wood handle, silky rabbits fur and leather backsides. Use discount code LUCKY15 when checking out.

Save 10% off ALL Green Rope! Includes all diameters and lengths of Jade Green and Palm Tree Romanian Hemp Rope, Green Dyed Jute Rope, and Forest Green Dyed Mohair Rope. Discount will also apply to any of our Hemp Rope Kits, Linen Rope Kits and Dyed Jute Rope Kits as long as all the rope is Green! Discount does not apply to any of our Luxury Ropes or DIY Hemp Rope Kits. We will apply applicable discounts after your order is received.

We are also running a special 20% discount off our Linen Ropes. This discount includes both 5MM and 6MM Linen Rope in all lengths and colors. 20% discount does not include Linen Rope kits but you can apply the 10% discount above if your Linen Rope Kit is all Green! Please note that we do not combine discounts (i.e. you can’t combine the 10% off green rope AND the 20% off linen rope to get 30% off your linen rope order) on same items – the highest discount available will be applied towards your order. Use discount code LINEN20 when checking out.

All special pricing and discounts end Sunday March 17th, 11pm HST

Due to the increase in phone orders, we ask that you please place your order online or email us for custom quotes during this sale.

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