For Customers – Limited Production Going Forward

At this time, we are scaling back on items we will be creating at Currently we will not be taking any orders for floggers, custom floggers, furniture or custom items, some paddles and canes. Basically, if you can’t check it out in the online shopping cart, we aren’t taking general orders for said item(s). We don’t have any ETA’s on when we will resume orders on these items but we do welcome our customers to contact us to see if we have the availability to create something as long as they understand the production time may increase. A cane that would usually ship within 1-2 weeks may take up to 4 weeks – if you are okay with that, then please let us know. As time goes on, we may list specialty items or pre-made items on our website or our Etsy site so you will still have the chance to purchase one of our unique products.

Please note – this does NOT affect bondage rope and most rope accessories/related items. If anything, our production time in this area will decrease and orders will be shipped faster.

Mahalo for your understanding,

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